Portable Moving Target System Design

The moving plastic targets systems are designed for Canadian gun ranges that do not allow steel on the gun range without CFO approval. The no steel moving targets are made for Action Shooting Sports.  These include International Practical shooting Confederation or IPSC, International Defensive Pistol Association or IDPA, Cowboy Action or CAS, 3-Gun, 3G, Multi gun or MG, International Confederation of Revolver Enthusiasts or ICORE, but mostly for fun moving target shooting. Our portable moving target systems are designed to fit into a Honda Civic.  The target system is designed to be modular. You can set off one portable moving target or a string of targets with one step on the activator.  No steel, no ricochet.


Portable Moving Target System Construction 

The moving targets have been extensively tested.  The targets work like the videos show.

The portable target systems are made to come apart and fit in a Honda Civic.  Minimal assembly is required for most of our moving target systems.

The moving action shooting targets are made to work, not made to look good.  Expect excess glue, dirty welds mismatched color.  The color of the plastic changes due to availability of parts.  The target systems are not exactly as show in the pictures.  Small changes are made to the moving targets to make them function better and make manufacturing easier.  Small changes are not shown on the website.

If you have dirt on a target it is because, all targets are set up outside and tested for function.  They are not used, just tested.

Unless otherwise stated in their description, all IDPA, IPSC, and 3 gun targets are made of the following

Above 20 cm or 8 inches after activation: wood, plastic, cotter pins, nylon nuts and bolts, wood screws, glue, lead shot. The lead shot is used as a weight.  It is inside the plastic pipes.

Below 20 cm or 8 inches after activation: wood, plastic, steel nuts and bolts, cables, rope, cable clamps, carabineers, clasps, springs.  The metal parts can easily be protected by a sandbag.

If your range does not allow any small amounts of steel most of the metal parts can be replaced for non metal parts.  The target price will increase 25-75%, and a decrease in durability. Steel parts like eye bolts take a lot of stress.  These can be replaced by a 3D printed guide.  The steel is replaced with poly carbonate or ABS. Email for a quote. We can replace the steel springs with rubber and silicon bands.

The portable target systems that are supported by slates should fit into most target stands.

The slates are 1 1/2 W x 5/8 inches H.  


Durability of the Portable Moving Targets Systems

Yes the targets are made out of durable plastic.  The plastic is not impact resistant.  The only moving targets that have been broken, were broken during transportation to and from the range, or shot on the range.   The targets are mostly PVC.  PVC shatters on impact.  Do not drop the moving targets or drop anything on the targets. If you break or shoot your moving target, we are able to repair most damage.


The portable moving target systems come apart for ease of shipping and transportation.

If you intend to take the PVC pipes apart again they should be lubricated.  If they are not lubricated they are very difficult to separate.  Spray the sockets to come apart with WD-40.

If you intend to keep the moving targets together you can do this permanently by using PVC solvent. (Home Depot, Lowes)



If the targets stop moving properly add more weight to one or both ends.

Make sure the moving target is level.

Clean the moving parts with compressed air or pressure washer.

Spray the moving joints with WD-40

Set the primary and secondary activator ropes as tight as possible.

If the secondary activator built into the moving target system is not powerful enough to set off the next moving target, place a primary activator between the targets.

Email frankstargets@gmaill.com if you have trouble.  Most problems are due to improper setup.



Maintain a safe backdrop and a minimum shooting distance of 50+ yards.

Do not use air rifles, pellets, BB’s or sub-sonic ammunition.

Use eye protection, hearing protection, and gloves.

Keep all your body parts away from moving parts.

Keep all your body parts out of activator. 


Important Notice to Purchaser

Since seller and manufacturer cannot control the user’s handling and use or effect of end use of the product, seller and manufacturer make no warranty, express or implied, and do not accept any responsibility for any direct or consequential damages resulting from the use or misuse of this product or for any injury that might be sustained .

Shooting sports are dangerous. My products are like cigarettes.  If used properly you may hurt or kill yourself or someone else.