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Learn about what makes our targets the best moving targets on the market
Send us your videos using our targets, to post on our blog page for a store credit. These are all portable moving targets. These portable shooting targets are designed to fit in a Honda Civic.
The targets are made for Action Shooting Sports.

These include International practical shooting confederation IPSC, International defensive pistol association IDPA, Cowboy Action Shooting CAS, 3-Gun 3G or Multi-Gun MG, International Confederation of Revolver Enthusiasts ICORE, IPSC Action Air, and Action Airgun, long range moving target shooting. They make great targets for shooting practice.

Each moving target is thoroughly test to make sure that it works and is reliable.  The targets have been developed over the last 3 years to ensure 100% operation.  We continue with research and development to take the last of the metal parts and replace them with poly carbonate. The shooting targets are almost all plastic. The are all weather targets.

Assembled in Canada. Parts made in USA.