I started shooting IDPA. My range shoots IPSC more often. I really like to shoot 3 gun. Why shoot moving targets?  Moving targets are much more fun to shoot. Action shooting in Canada is like golf. Pointless but fun and challenging. Multiple moving targets set to go off one after the other help simulate a real life situation. Multiple moving targets add a time constraint. You don’t get the time to think about a miss, or move slowly. You need to go on to the next target that pops up. You need keep moving and keep shooting. For this reason most of our moving targets come with a secondary activator to set off the next target in the string. When I shoot with really good fast shooters (double tap) I set up non moving targets between the moving targets. The fast people shoot the non moving targets while they wait for the next moving target to be set off. For the gun totting world. Most  targets do not stay still. Moving targets give you as close to a real life self defense situation as you can get.

Seeing other companies moving targets made me want to shoot moving targets. The problem is all the moving targets systems I could find are made of steel.  In Canada everyone knows the CFO makes the ranges jump through hoops to get steel targets approved. Secondly most of the steel moving targets systems make my moving targets look inexpensive. Especially when you factor in the Canadian Dollar. Today 1 USD buys 1.33 Canadian Dollars. Most of the other moving target systems can not set off a string of moving targets like mine.

I decided to make my own target systems. I found some plans and videos on the internet. There are a few good do it yourself moving target videos like

The moving targets are still very difficult to make. The plans are usually incomplete. They usually have too much steel in the target area to make them CFO friendly. My first moving targets were made of wood. The wood swells, shrinks and warps. This makes wooden moving targets unreliable and inconsistent. Wooden moving targets do not like temperature or humidity change. Plastic moving targets like the ones sold here are made to work the same every time. Yes you can go buy your own plastic plumbing parts and try to copy these. That is what I would do. Sorry Home Depot does not sell what you need. Some of these 3rd generation targets are now made with 3d printed parts and plastic and glass bearings. Some of the parts are made by CNC machines. The third generation moving targets move more consistently and reliably. My wife is correct when she says R&D is not work, but it is necessary. All the targets need to get loaded, unloaded, dragged around, dropped and shot to see how they react in the real world. Being a perfectionist, I needed my moving targets to work every time. It took 3 years and hundreds of hours to achieve this goal.

There are may more moving targets on the drawing board. There are 3 more target systems in the testing stages. Too many ideas, not enough time.  For our United States customers, glow in the dark targets to go on the end of my moving targets are coming soon. Glow in the dark  self healing clay pigeon holders for 3 gun are being tested this weekend. To bad that in Canada we can not shoot after dark. In Canada we can only use the glow in the dark targets in the daytime.

Gen 1 wooden moving targets.

Below is the guide tube for the Drop Turn target coming off the CNC machine.

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