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3 Gun Reusable Clay Target Holder box of 2


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Product Description

Holds clay pigeon shotgun targets in place.  They slid onto the top of the target support stick.  When the target moves the clay does not fall out until it is shot. No more need for elastic bands.  3 D printed from durable TPU. Designed for support sticks of 1-9/16 (40 mm) x 11/16 (18 mm).  These clay target holders come in different colours depending on what material is available.

Glow in the dark target holders are coming soon. Shine a light on them and they glow green in  the dark. Remember safety first.

Tested at 10 yards with 3 dram #7.5 shot with open choke stationary target. Good for about 50 direct shots.

after 25 shots
after 25 shots
What they look like after a day of 3 gun
What they look like after a day of 3 gun


Additional Information

Weight2 lbs
Dimensions9 x 9 x 3 in


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