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4 Target Twister



It has 4 spinning targets that come into view one at a time. No shoot barriers should to be placed around the target.

Attach clay pigeons to the target stakes with elastic bands.  This will make it a moving shootgun target for 3 gun, 3G.

The secondary trigger timing can easily be changed.

There is a speed adjustment to slow down or speed up the moving target.

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Product Description

4 twister moving target range day with the moving targets 4 spinner twister moving target

Target Design

Putting no shoots up makes it more challenging. The moving plastic target is designed for Canadian gun ranges that do not allow steel on the gun range without CFO approval. The no steel moving targets are made for Action Shooting Sports.  These include International Practical shooting Confederation or IPSC, International Defensive Pistol Association or IDPA, Cowboy Action or CAS, 3-Gun, 3G, Multi gun or MG, International Confederation of Revolver Enthusiasts or ICORE, but mostly for fun moving target shooting. No steel, no ricochet.


The target is for sale in Canadian Dollars.

Target setup

Additional Information

Weight40 lbs
Dimensions31 x 24 x 13 in


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