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Ball Ramp


Made of wood and screws.  The sections are dovetailed to fit together.  The ramp comes in 3-4 foot sections.  It can be made as long or short as desired.  The wood is very durable and can withstand multiple shots. It is 2 sided. The bottom is the same as the top. The ball is made of self-healing material that can take up to 1000 shots. It is 5 inches in diameter.  The square stopper is made of the same material and is 4 or 5 inches square. Comes with 3 sections of ramp, 4 legs, 2 supports, one ball, one stopper.  It does not include the stand. It can be made with wooden dowels instead of screws will add $100 to the price.

The wood screws can be replaced with wooden dowels.  Email for a price and timeline

The moving targets are for sale in Canadian Dollars.

Target Design

The moving plastic target is designed for Canadian gun ranges that do not allow steel on the gun range without CFO approval. The no steel moving targets are made for Action Shooting Sports.  These include International Practical shooting Confederation or IPSC, International Defensive Pistol Association or IDPA, Cowboy Action or CAS, 3-Gun, 3G, Multi gun orMG, International Confederation of Revolver Enthusiasts or ICORE, but mostly for fun moving target shooting. No steel, no ricochet.

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Weight50 lbs
Dimensions68 x 10 x 8 in


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